October 2004
Body Parts Project

WKRPinc. is a collaborative of three artists from Colorado and California who have worked on
various projects together over the last ten years. Recently, they have developed a new series of
paintings, wallpaper and fabric designs.

As a starting point, Joseph creates small-scale collages, of body parts, (9” x 6”), cut from Mexican
soft-core pornographic comic books. These collages are then painted in oils on canvas, in sizes
ranging from 54” x 36” to 108” x 72”.

Digitizing and manipulating the original collage creates the wallpaper and fabrics designs. Those
images are then mirrored, horizontally and vertically, so that they become repeatable tiles.

There is a wide range of saturated colors as well as more muted tones. From a distance, the abstract
configurations resemble tendrils from Victorian motifs, variations of a Hermes scarf, or an exotic
Persian carpet. It isn’t until close inspection that the entwined body parts are revealed. The wallpaper
and fabrics vary from the bold and colorful to subdued pastels.

Currently, there are two installations of their collaboration at the 2004 Aspen Art Museum Biennial
and at the David Floria Gallery in Aspen.

The installation at the Museum is a room measuring nearly 700 square feet. A bright lime green
painting, 102” long, stands in stark contrast to the background paper. The scale of the images in the
painting matches the layout of the dark wallpaper. There are 10 paintings on the other three walls.
They deploy the lighter wallpaper as a backdrop to come forward in the space. Both the ladies and
men’s rooms have been wallpapered as well. The former is done in bright pink and greens, while the
latter has vibrant blue and yellow walls.

The installation at the Floria gallery is two walls: one wall is a deep blue, while the adjacent wall is
the rich red of an English drawing room. In addition to the paintings, there is a display of the
original collages.

The collaborative, WKRPinc. is an acronym for the three members: Kurosh ValaNejad, Robert
Brinker, and Pamela Joseph.

Kurosh ValaNejad, Robert Brinker and Pamela Joseph
407 Aspen Oak Dr. Aspen, Co. 81611
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